How to make web site design by planning your CSS in advance?

A web site is like a building. Over time it gets lived in. And, regardless of the initial intentions of the designer for how everything within it should be arranged, things get moved around, stuff gets added, some things get taken away, more stuff gets added, the occasional renovation takes place, and yet more stuff gets added.

Many web sites are not really designed to be ‘lived in’ — i.e. to support all these changes by different owners with various intentions. After a while they bear little resemblance to any sort of coherent design and are likely to become increasingly hard to manage.

Of course, it’s impossible to plan for all the ‘home improvements’ that will happen to a web site between major redesigns.

However, it is possible to be prepared so that the addition of something new to a page doesn’t break its design.

A good way to future-proof a web site is to create styles in advance for the most common page elements, even if they are not yet being used. This is called ‘planning ahead’ 😉 and is an activity often overlooked by web designers.

Using the ‘planning ahead’ method, if a content author wants to add something to a page — say, a definition list — you’ve already planned how it will look so that it fits within the overall page design and will coexist with the other elements that may be present.

Let’s take a look at the more common page elements a future-proofed site should plan for.


Even though you may only be using H1s and H2s, it’s worth creating styles for H1 down to H4.

I’d question whether you need to go further than that (perhaps just make H4, H5 and H6 look the same). If a content author feels the need to use heading levels all the way down to H5 or H6 the structure of their content may be in question.

You might also want to create a style for a byline or a page summary as it’s not uncommon for these to be used below the main page heading.


Lists can be quite tricky from a layout perspective, especially when you take cross-browser display issues into account.

Therefore, it’s essential to plan for different implementations of lists in advance.

Of course, you’ll create styles for the standard ordered and unordered list. But, what about nested lists? I would at least plan for the following variations:

Unordered list with a nested unordered list

Unordered list with a nested ordered list

Ordered list with a nested ordered list

Ordered list with a nested unordered list

I wouldn’t worry about more than one level of nesting. If the content requires this, from a web readability standpoint it should more than likely be rewritten.

Definition lists are a great way to display lists of resources. You’ll often have a link to a resource (such as a PDF) and a summary sentence below it. Take the time to set this style up and you’ll stop users from littering your ‘resources’ pages with <br /> tags.

Web pages often start with a list of jump links to the various sections on the page. It’s worth considering a style for this type of link list, to visually separate it from the regular content on the page.

A list of links with thumbnails plus a summary is quite a popular approach for gallery pages, so you may want to create such a style in advance.


Tables can be very time-consuming to build and style. However, with a little forethought at least the styling part can be made easier.

Be sure to plan for types of data other than numerical that tables can contain — such as text and images.

Here are the common table elements that you should consider:

Table headings along the top row

Table headings along the top row and left column

Table cell containing text (multiple paragraphs) / list / image



It’s also worth adding in advance any table-related functionality (often JavaScript-based) that you will likely be using. This can include:

Displaying table row backgrounds in alternating colors

Highlighting the row and/or column being moused over

Sorting a table by a column

If you’re managing a corporate web site it’s a good idea to also think about financial data such as that in an annual report might be displayed.


There aren’t too many variations on how images are placed within content, so they’re pretty easy to plan for. Try incorporating options for the following:

Image floated to the left or right

Image with a caption

Image with a caption that contains a link

Image that is a link

Image that displays a larger version on being clicked

Multi-image slideshow

Image with a photography credit


As well as the standard link states, consider whether links to external sites and to downloadable files should be treated differently (i.e. indicating the target of the link).

It may also be worth planning for how to style an A to Z index.


It’s impossible to plan for all the layout complexities that forms can require.

However, do plan for all the standard form elements — for example, that are present in a registration form — as well as how error messages will be presented.


I’m no JavaScript expert, but I do know that it’s often a good idea to choose a JavaScript library upfront rather than cherry pick individual scripts and hope they all work well together.

Doing this will help you to avoid functionality clashes and bloat that can come from using scripts from a variety of sources. I’ve used jQuery in the past, which is well established and has a good selection of plugins.

Pull Quotes

Pull quotes are a great way to call out important information or lines from quotations. I’d highly recommend creating styles for these common pull quote variants:

Floated to the left and right

Within a paragraph and at the start of a paragraph

Without a citation

With a citation

Other Things to Consider

If you’re not already using Flash, plan for how you will embed it into your site. Also, consider creating styles for displaying sidebar content such as boxes of related links or featured resources.

Don’t forget to create a print style sheet and maybe even a mobile style sheet (and remember to keep them updated).

How Does Everything Fit Together?

Lastly, it’s important to test the interaction of different combinations of page elements.

It’s simple enough to separate headings and paragraphs appropriately. But what about a heading followed by a table? Or, a heading preceded by a list? Or an H2 followed by an H3?

The same is true for other page elements — for example, lists followed by tables.

It’s worth taking the time to try out these different page layouts (including the more unlikely ones) to make sure that your spacing is set up correctly.

It’s much easier to do this in advance than to incrementally tweak your CSS as content gets moved around and added.

Top 5 Benefits of Using the Bootstrap Framework

Are you a web developer and you are new to the bootstrap framework? Are you thinking where I can get more information about bootstrap development? Let’s explore more about it.

Over the past few years, bootstrap has become a very popular front-end development framework. Many developers and designers continue to get on board. However, there’s a reason for that.

The Bootstrap framework has many features and providing several benefits to those who are using it. Following are the top 5 benefits of using the bootstrap framework:-

  1. The speed of Development– The speed of development is one of its major advantages. If you’re looking to develop an application or a website quickly, you should definitely consider using Bootstrap.
  2. Responsiveness– Bootstrap gives you responsive layout and 12-column grid system which help dynamically adjust the website to a perfect screen resolution. The ‘responsive utility classes’ feature of Bootstrap helps you to hide/show a certain section of content for a particular screen size.
  3. Consistency-Bootstrap was actually founded on this principle. It ensures the ultimate consistency regardless of who’s working on the project. Moreover, the results work uniformly across various browsers and the output remains same whether you’re using Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  4. Customizable– Bootstrap can be customized according to the specifications of your project. Developers can establish the features which are important and the rest can be tossed. This is easily done using the Bootstrap customize page. Just tick off all the features you don’t want and your custom version of Bootstrap will be ready for download.
  5. Support– Bootstrap has a huge support community behind it so you can usually get help to fix issues promptly. Furthermore, Bootstrap also releases continual updates to fix any new issues. It’s currently being hosted developed, hosted and maintained by GitHub with over 9,000 commits and over 500 contributors.

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Website development is a need of present time

To show the presence of your business, it is necessary that you must have its website. Making sites has become necessary as it is the only way through which people from different parts of the world would be able to know what you actually provide. Through these sites, it will be possible for the clients to contact you and hire your company for different services. So it is essential that your website should be attractive and clear in representing what you actually deal in. Making website is not in everybody’s concern.
Website Development Company is the right place to contact for this purpose. They contain a team of professionals who carefully understands what your company is all about, your products, services, target audience and target place if any. They first know about the preference of their clients for example what type of site a client is expecting? What kind of web design pattern they want for their website and many other things. Website should be attractive, precise, contain useful information and should give a complete idea of company and its products. To attract customers and satisfy them, it is obligatory that you should have a satisfying website.
The companies which offer this service of designing also offer Social Media Marketing (SMM) facility. SMM is a way of making your website popular among various social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In and many more. These sites help in drawing lots of traffic to your website and hence you will get your site ranked among top ranking in the search engines. Although it is a long process, yet very essential. Hire only reputed and reliable company for availing all these services. Make sure they charge genuine for all these services.

The finest way to improve website visibility is SEO services

Becoming an owner of a successful business is a dream of every individual, but it is not everybody’s cup of tea. Although it is true that there are strategies and tactics that a person should follow for running any business, but in the present time, there so many other things that a person should aware of. The main point is Search Engine Optimization which is a process involving so many services and helps in keeping the ranking of a particular website on the top page. It is quite necessary process that boosts the website visibility. Through this, people will be able to see what your company is offering, your goods and services.

Some of the commonly used SEO services which business people mainly prefer because of their significant in ranking process. It includes:

  • SEO copywriting
  • Email campaigns
  • Viral marketing
  • Keyword research
  • Internet marketing
  • PPC campaigns
  • Link building
  • Blog writing
  • E-commerce
  • Press release and article submission
  • Local SEO
  • Social media marketing and optimization
  • Metrics analysis


One of the most imperative service which along with SEO play a noteworthy role is Social Media optimization, which is also known as SMO. In this technique, user makes a profile of the company on various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and many more. As there are so many people connected to these sites, with the help of various useful and meaningful postings people can like and reach the company’s website. The whole process ultimately brings lots and lots of potential traffic and clients to the firm.

Many corporations are there which offer these services at minimal prices and suggest many other internet related facilities. Hiring them will be a wise decision.

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An SEO is a theory for a site which uses large architectural design values based on the Internet. The design should be able give out the information that the user is seeking and at the same time be easily read across many if not all browsers. This is part of search engine optimization because the
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