How are smart phone applications marketed and deployed?

Any design for a new application running on mobile phones and smart phones has to be several tests to ensure the correctness of all the corners and ensures smooth use and easy to download.

For this reason, launching a trial version characterized by distinctive and attractive features is the first marketing steps for the application and should be a free version of mobile applications and smart phones of various kinds.

The applications of Android and iPhone applications are also launched to combine the two largest types of smart phone operating systems. Also, applications are launched to suit Windows Phone. This is to achieve comprehension of the new application.

The application must have a striking design and different from any other application.
The application should also be characterized by the ease of loading and speed in browsing and helps the client to know all the details related to the content of the application, whether it is for service or sale and purchase.

The application is deployed on several levels of digital marketing, such as the use of social networking sites, text messages and e-mail messages, and counting on Instagram and Twitter to download clips of the application and its features, and to simplify the idea and explain the way to download and use it in addition to creating a blog that includes the views of customers and personal experience Of the use of the application. In the end, a website is provided that ensures all the accounts that have been done to devote to publishing the application and encourages downloads.

A short video is produced that displays all the details of the application and how it is used, and displays ways to navigate between the icons and pages contained in the mobile app.


It is necessary to create a logo or logo for the application and is published in all ad circles and this is to introduce the customer to the product of the application and encourage them to search for it.

Choose the appropriate time to launch the application and this is recognized from the stage of exploration in the stages of digital marketing, for example, with the emergence of the results of the increasing popularity of buying smart phones as gifts to the successful and here increases the rate of applications and games for smart phones and mobile phones once purchased, this strategy is guaranteed and successful in marketing for all Applications and mobile games.

Take care to raise the application and games on the electronic stores for each category of smart phones, whether the microphone or Google Lai or August Store.

Create surveys to identify the problems encountered by customers during their use of the application in place of the launch and also this survey and the collection of assessments helps to reach the strengths and weaknesses in the application to be bridged any gap and develop the positive aspects of it.

Because it is a unique mobile software development and design company, it has a number of marketing channels, including a quick definition of the application in the shortest time, as well as high professionalism in implementing the application in a flexible and smooth manner that helps in quick browsing and downloading for both mobile applications and mobile games.

Smart Apps Development for the Android Platform

The development of Android mobile apps certainly depends on the complexity of the software. However, to develop smart mobile apps which can be on the spot hit and appraised by mobile users takes the contribution of modern ideas and attitude of testing many things.

Smart mobile phones organizations are an increasing number of going toward the usage of Google’s Android platform for their mobile devices because android app development is awesome for developing creative and realistic apps and games.

Google’s Android platform has been appraised around all over the world because of its highly efficient and smart features.

The best thing about this platform is that the mobile apps development time has been reduced drastically because of its versatile features. Android has gone many steps further to provide the best platform for mobile apps developments.

Those are gone days when it requires hundreds of hrs efforts and a team of mobile apps developers to build attractive and smart mobile apps. With this platform, many things can be done in almost half of the time with fewer resources.


Due to this reason, it is giving tuff competition to Apple’s iPhone platform. The no. of mobile users who are using mobile phones having android is growing day by day. This gives us an idea about the efficiency and ability of android.

Many understand the difference between Android and Apple platform and not having a clear idea on who are making all of these mobile apps? Smart mobile phone Developers are in the center of the entire field of mobile apps development.

They are those tech-minded professionals who enjoy developing smart apps for the phones and continuously testing new ideas to talented. Those developers who are specializing in Android development are having expertise in developing mobile apps for the various market and for almost for any need.

No doubt that these developers are having some sort of training in the field of computer technology. They have their fundamentals clear about the phases and process of mobile apps development.

All those people who are closely associated with the development process have basic idea and understanding of what are the features which makes an app distinct stand out in the crown.

Experience developers don’t just stop themselves by giving an idea and suggestion to the consumer and wait till it gets approval rather they put apps into testing time and time again until it is ready for the public.

They don’t stop themselves in trying various idea and concepts which they think are going to add value to end product.

They certainly know the fact that a best mobile apps cannot just build around requirements and specification rather it needs time tested innovative ideas because it has to add value to stay in front in the wireless mobile industry.

How To Use Creative Web Design & Development Effectively

In the universe of Web Design Company India businesses, a debate/battle of sorts is currently under way, with designers on one side heavily defending the effectiveness and practicality of following the latest designing trends, and designers on the other defending the need for creativity and fresh inspiration.

Which paradigm should the world of designers cater too?

While it is true that following the latest trends in design will keep a website current and in the league, maintaining a healthy amount of creativity will also help to give extra edge on your viewers, hence, the internet at large.

The true nature of web designing and Web Application Development is based, not only on creativity, but on effective creativity.

There needn’t be a debate between practicality or creativity in web design, for the designer who is a true designer will understand the importance of the two going hand in hand.

Before any web designer gets started on capturing some fabricated creative web design idea, he must always remember the designer’s rule of thumb:

Know your goal!

A successful Web Design Company India business is one that can establish what the business purpose of the website is and what the user’s objectives are.

The businesses purpose of the website will define what kind of action you want your website to inspire the users to take in order to achieve your client’s business purpose.


The user’s objective will define how the flow of the website should be. A designer’s primary goal is to establish the user’s desires and needs and to satisfy the end-user.

What you don’t want is to spend a whole lot of time getting creative with some far-out design only to find that your end design missed the point of the website in the first place.

The job of every web designer is to not just create great and colourful design, but to also understand both the user and end client’s views and work their requirements into the flow. A designer who can do this has a cutting advantage over those who don’t.

Lastly, a good point to remember is that great web design is not only about “how it looks” but about “how it works”. Creativity must effectively be alive in both fields without one over weighing the other.

This is where it becomes extremely important to sit with the client and completely grasp the overall purpose of the design.

At the end of the day, conversions is what your client’s website is all about, not only classy designs, fancy layouts, and impressive features.

Affordable E-Commerce Website Design Services

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Professional Web Development Company In India

Web Development is an extensive term for the work involved in developing a website for the Internet which includes web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, web server, and network security configuration, and e-commerce development.

Among web professionals, “web development” propose to the main non-design aspects of building web sites: writing mark-up and coding. Web development ranges from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, and social network services.

At Activecraft we understand that a website is not merely a product, but a development process. Like any developing process, website development also requires proper professional planning starting from beginning till the end. Our team of experts has a wide range of knowledge and experience in all aspects of web development.


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Activecraft ranges from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based Internet Applications, electronic businesses, or social network services.

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Outsourcing Website Design And Development India

Key to communication in today’s world is to be innovative and representative of the company it is originating from.

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